New test for mortgage lending: the experience of home-builders count

Many people cherish the desire for a home. Rising rents and the persistently low interest rates also make buying a real estate worthwhile. Thanks to low interest rates, future owners can usually finance their dream home cheaply. Focus-Money has now checked which providers make the best customer experience with mortgage lending.

  • By building or buying a house, the desire of living in one’s own home comes true for many people.
  • In order to realize this, many home builders need financial support in the form of mortgage lending.
  • In order for them to pay attention to important key points and not fall into expensive pitfalls, a personal offer for mortgage lending is advisable.

For the dream of owning house many home builders need one thing above all: a good mortgage lending. In addition to low interest rates, they should have further criteria in mind. It is important, for example, that the promised interest rate remains constant until the end of the real estate loan . In addition, the financing should not be too tight, so that future homeowners are also financially prepared for unforeseen events.

According to a recent study by Focus-Money (46/2017), good advice from mortgage lenders is in demand here. Together with the analysis institute ServiceValue GmbH, the magazine has therefore examined various banks and intermediaries with regard to their fairness. More than 1,700 customers were asked about their experience in mortgage lending .

Test for mortgage lending: Experiences of homebuilders are mostly good

In the search for the fairest mortgage lender, a total of 25 providers were examined, 15 of them banks and ten intermediaries acting as intermediary between bank and customer. The review was carried out as an online customer survey in which home builders could assess the fairness of their provider with a real estate loan based on 29 criteria . Among other things, they should assess whether they have remained loyal to their mortgage lender and whether they would recommend him.

The accumulated experience in mortgage lending was categorized into five categories. These include the price-performance ratio, customer service and fair customer communication. Subsequently, an overall judgment was determined from the individual results. This is generally very positive for the testers and the customers.

Overall, seven providers score very well:

  • ING-DiBa
  • PSD banks
  • Sparda-Banks
  • Targobank
  • Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken
  • Accedo (intermediary)
  • Interhyp (intermediary)

Experience in mortgage lending for customer communication is particularly good

The most positive is the experience of mortgage lending in the customer communication test. Among other things, this includes how transparent the providers are and how binding their statements are . If borrowers find communication to be good, Focus-Money increases the likelihood that customers will stay with their mortgage lender and also handle their follow-up financing there. In addition to the two agents Accedo and Interhyp, the experience of mortgage lending at the Volksbanks and Raiffeisenbanks, Sparda Banks and ING-DiBa is very good.

Mortgage lending: Experience in value for money varies

In terms of price-performance ratio, a large gap between the top mortgage lenders and other providers becomes clear in the mortgage lending test. Many customers are dissatisfied with the high interest rates and the costs of adjusting the repayment amount of some companies. On the other hand, nine providers score top marks for their price-performance ratio. This includes:

  • ING-DiBa
  • DKB
  • Interhyp
  • Dr. Small
  • accedo

With Interhyp and the Sparda banks, two providers in all five categories are achieving a very good result . They are followed by Accedo and ING-DiBa. The latter also scores with their consistent top results: Together with the Sparda banks and the PSD banks, ING-DiBa was rated very highly by Focus-Money for the fifth time.